Georgie White Clark and the Grand Canyon

She was a wild woman who fell in love with the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River the first time she saw it on a Sierra Club outing. But hiking canyon country wasn't enough for Georgie White Clark. In 1945 and '46, she and her buddy Harry Aleson swam parts of the river from Diamond Creek and Parashant Wash. Then she bought a rubber Army surplus boat and started taking passengers through the great gorge of the Colorado, with no frills, just canned ham and lima beans. She wore leopard-spotted leggings, usually had a beer in hand and taught her clients to say, "Everything is just the way we like it," even if the beans and getting dumped in the river at Lava or Crystal rapids weren't quite what they wanted. -- Susan Spano Read more: Grand Canyon river runner who had fire in her soul
Taylor McKinnon / Center for Biolo
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