Essential California: Stopping spread of measles, AEG bails on NFL stadium, a new Rick Caruso development

Good morning. It is Tuesday, March 10. The city of Los Angeles now says it’s OK to grow fruits and vegetables in the patch of grass between the sidewalk and the street. Here's what else is happening today in the Golden State:



New video of Compton crash

Suge Knight says new surveillance footage of a Jan. 29 fight at Tam’s Burgers in Compton shows he was protecting himself when his truck struck two men, killing one of them. Knight is charged with murder and attempted murder. The family of Terry Carter, the man who died, said Carter had no involvement in the dispute that led up to the crash. L.A. Times

A serious game of keep away

Parents are taking extreme measures to keep their infants and toddlers away from children who may not have been vaccinated against diseases such as the measles. That includes keeping children at home and socializing only with families that vaccinate their children. “You want to feel safe taking your kids out to play,” says one mother. L.A. Times

AEG punts on downtown stadium

After five years and $50 million, AEG is bailing on Farmers Field, the proposed NFL stadium in downtown Los Angeles. The onetime front-runner has been overshadowed by more recent plans to build in Inglewood or Carson. “I think it’s fair to say we have turned our attention to proceeding with an alternative development,” AEG Vice Chairman Ted Fikre said. L.A. Times



Director agrees to jail time: Director Randall Miller is expected to spend two years in prison for the death of a 27-year-old camera assistant. Sarah Jones was killed when she was hit by a train last year on the set of “Midnight Rider.” The case is a seminal moment for Hollywood, a place where directors are rarely held responsible for on-set accidents. L.A. Times

"Simpsons" co-creator dies: Sam Simon was a Beverly Hills kid who grew up to co-create the longest-running sitcom in American history, “The Simpsons.” But Simon was also known for his philanthropy, particularly his decision to give away his fortune when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He died Monday at 59.  L.A. Times, Variety

Cold case warms up: Who killed crime writer Susan Berman? Los Angeles authorities are reexamining the 2000 murder thanks to the HBO documentary “The Jinx.” The series focuses on Robert Durst, the son of a wealthy real estate family who was ultimately connected to, but never convicted of, three murders. Berman was killed in her Benedict Canyon home shortly before she was to speak to authorities about the disappearance of Durst’s first wife. L.A. Times, New York Times

A wave of enlightenment: A former teen heartthrob is living as a spiritual guru in Venice Beach. Andrew Keegan co-founded Full Circle after planting rose quartz crystals in the front yard of a church. “Today, I’m here to activate high vibes.” Vulture

A tony new address: Tenants living at developer Rick Caruso’s 8500 Burton Way complex are paying $12,000 to $40,000 a month to live at the congested intersection of La Cienega and San Vicente boulevards. Now, Caruso wants to capitalize on that success by developing a lot across the street. The $155-million development will include a grocery store and upscale restaurant. L.A. Times

What's next? Disney’s Tomorrowland could be getting a makeover. The closure of the Innoventions exhibit hall has sparked speculation that the space could become a home to theme park memorabilia or a greater Star Wars presence. L.A. Times

You are here: One man’s interest in maps was so extensive that when he died and his maps were given to the Los Angeles Public Library, they doubled the size of the library's collection. Map librarian Glen Creason talks about the collection in a new video. L.A. Review of Books



Safer cycling: Should bicyclists be required to wear helmets? The cycling community has come out against a proposed state bill that would mandate just that. Cycling advocates say helmets give the impression that the sport is more dangerous than it is. Instead, they want lawmakers to install safer bike lanes and better lights. L.A. Times

Foxes' sly comeback: The fox is making a comeback on Catalina Island. The population of the endangered animal has reached 1,700, which conservation experts say is the number for sustainability. L.A. Times

No such thing as free advice: Some students aren’t too happy with the hefty fee Cal State Fullerton paid Magic Johnson to speak at a business school event. Orange County Register



In Monday’s Essential California, we asked for your thoughts on concealed-weapon legislation that’s under consideration. Here’s what you had to say:

“Almost every day some poor innocent person gets gunned down by a person illegally carrying a gun. And all this effort on controlling gun purchases and carrying them only affects law-abiding citizens and not these cold blooded murderers who seem to run around without recourse with their guns.” -- Ed Nash

“Don't allow other states' concealed gun permits. That's my vote. It's not our fault their states are crazy.” -- Ann Garry

“I don't think California should recognize those issued by other states. But I wonder if the more conservative states will recognize the California driver's licenses issued to undocumented immigrants?” -- Manuel Carrera

In today’s Talk Back, we want to hear your thoughts on a lighter topic: the new Apple Watch. Apple announced that its smartwatch would retail between $349 and $10,000, depending on the model and size. It’s being touted as an alternative to constantly checking your smartphone.

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