Video showing beating by L.A. officers investigated

Tape of L.A. police beating suspect stirs public furor

Rodney King says he obeyed police

Police chief wants 3 officers prosecuted in Rodney King beating

Impact of Rodney King beating deals a blow to officers' image

Majority says police brutality is common

All 4 in King beating acquitted

King case aftermath: A city in crisis

Rodney King: 'Truth will come out'

Mayor Bradley lifts curfew tonight

Police pullout, riot's outbreak reconstructed

City returns to work, school

Rodney King gets award of $3.8 million

The past still grips Rodney King

Now jobless, the victim of a police beating says he's at peace and has a memoir coming out.

Rodney King dies at 47; victim of brutal beating became reluctant symbol of race relations

He is found dead in his swimming pool in Rialto. The tape of his 1991 beating and upheaval that followed in 1992 opened the door to widespread police reform.