Voters speak

A sampling of Angelenos' wishes, concerns and kudos, a month before city elections:

Khira Parks, 28, feels South L.A. residents' concerns about the Los Angeles Police Department aren't being heard: "Not all of our black men are gangbangers."


Braelinn Frank, 23, of North Hollywood wants more bike lanes to protect her from cars: "Drivers in L.A. are crazy."

Jonathan Stein, 31, is happy his street in Los Feliz was finally repaved: "It was like driving down a street in Beirut."

Dante Jones, 47, wishes the homeless population in the Baldwin Hills area where he works had somewhere to go: "It's gotten better, but it could be better."

Bill Fisher, 62, wants more police on foot downtown: "Why aren't there cops walking around here?"

Jaynay Jeffries, 26, of South L.A. says it's exhausting trying to get things fixed in the city: "After two jobs and two kids, the last thing I want to do is sit there and worry about a crack in the street that's been there forever."

Ben Porter, 35, likes life in the Hollywood Hills: "It's sunny every day, can't complain." On next month's election: "Do I need to register for that?"

Jessica Taylor, 27, who owns a Normandie Avenue salon, wants more economic development in South L.A.: "How are we supposed to make a living if we don't have jobs?"

Laura Seguin, 34, of Chatsworth doesn't follow local politics: "City officials, I don't really think of them as being able to do anything."