For the record

CIA torture report: In the Dec. 11 Section A, an article about the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on CIA torture and its possible ramifications for Guantanamo Bay detainees misstated the position of the defense lawyers for Ramzi Binalshibh, accused by the U.S. of being a "key facilitator" in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. They have raised concerns about his behavior in court after his years of undergoing torture by the CIA, but they are not arguing that he is mentally incompetent to understand the charges against him or to help in his defense.

Wine corks: An article in the Dec. 7 Section A about the wine cork industry misspelled the name of the country's leading synthetic cork producer Nomacorc as Normacorc.

Cardinals-Rams game: In the Dec. 12 Sports section, a photo caption accompanying an article about the 12-6 victory of the NFL's Arizona Cardinals over the St. Louis Rams should have said that Arizona, not St. Louis, had a record of 11-3.

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