For the record

Lake Mead: An article in the July 6 Section A about the dropping water level at Lake Mead said that the level had fallen from an elevation of 2,026 feet to 1,075 feet. The actual high-water mark was 1,226 feet.

"Love & Mercy": An article in the April 4 Calendar section on the "Love & Mercy" biopic about Beach Boys founding member Brian Wilson described actor John Cusack as being Indiana-born. Cusack was born in Evanston, Ill.

Grateful Dead: In the July 6 Calendar section, a review of a Grateful Dead concert in Chicago said all of the band's full-time keyboardists since the 1960s have died. Tom Constanten, a keyboardist with the band in the late '60s and early '70s, is alive.

Lakers' image: In the July 5 Sports section, a column about the Los Angeles Lakers' failure to lure big-name free agents was accompanied by an incorrect photo caption. LaMarcus Aldridge, who left Portland as a free agent and turned down the Lakers, has agreed to sign with San Antonio, as the article noted, not with Dallas.

Broad art: An article in the July 6 Calendar section about installation of artwork in the new Broad museum referred to Ellsworth Kelly's "Green Angle" as a sculpture. It is a painting.

Gasoline prices: An infobox on the July 6 Business page in Section A listing factors that contribute to high California gasoline prices stated that motorists in April drove 31.1 million vehicle-miles on California roads, the most in the nation, and that Texas came in second at 21.9 million vehicle-miles. Those statistics should have been in billions.