For the record

Film opening: In the July 10 Calendar section, a capsule movie review of "Do I Sound Gay?" was included among new releases. Though the film opens in New York and on video on demand this week, it does not open in Los Angeles until July 17.

Gun backlog: In the July 10 California section, an article about delays in a state program to determine whether potentially dangerous people illegally own guns misspelled state auditor Elaine M. Howle's last name as Howler.

Les Blank: In the July 9 Calendar section, a film review of "A Poem Is a Naked Person" said that filmmaker Les Blank died in 2011. He died in 2013.

Berryessa: In the July 10 California section, an article about the designation of Berryessa Snow Mountain national monument was accompanied by a photo of Lake Berryessa. The lake is not included in the boundaries of the national monument.

Downtown hotel: In the July 7 Business section, an article about a boutique hotel being built in downtown Los Angeles gave its name as the Proper. The full name is Downtown L.A. Proper Hotel.

Education start-ups: In the July 8 Business section, an article about educational technology said that Age of Learning Inc. developed an animated reading program for children called The program also teaches subjects including math, art and social studies.

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