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  • The charter school network that Ref Rodriguez co-founded and ran has filed a complaint alleging that the L.A. school board member had a conflict of interest when he authorized about $285,000 in payments from school accounts.
  • Michelle King is recuperating from surgery and has appointed a subordinate to run the school district in her stead.

In Lynwood, Advanced Placement classes are no longer only for the elite

 (Lynwood Unified School District)
(Lynwood Unified School District)

By the time Elizabeth Valenzuela entered her senior year at Lynwood High School, she had taken seven Advanced Placement tests and earned potential college credit on five of them. It was an impressive accomplishment, made more impressive still by the fact that in her small school district she wasn’t one of a kind.

Increasing numbers of students from low-income Latino and black families are taking advanced courses and passing AP exams in Lynwood Unified School District, south of downtown Los Angeles.

To make this happen, the district of 15,000 students provided incentives and assistance and eliminated prerequisite courses and grade requirements that used to limit who enrolled.

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