As he investigates Trump's aides, special counsel's record shows surprising flaws


LAUSD Education Matters: Tracking the Nation's Second-Largest School System
Students are more anxious in the Trump era, teachers say

When UCLA researchers asked public school teachers across the country last spring about their students’ emotional states, just over half said they thought more students were experiencing “high levels of stress and anxiety” than they had in the previous school year.

Researchers surveyed a representative sample of 1,535 teachers at public high schools around the country.

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These 10 high schools are the best in L.A. Unified at getting their graduates to college
L.A. Unified announces highest-ever graduation rate, again

The Los Angeles Unified School District appears to have once again broken its all-time record, reporting a preliminary graduation rate of 80.2% for the class of 2017.

That’s up 3 percentage points from the year before, part of a rapid uphill climb. From 2015 to 2016, the graduate rate rose 5 percentage points, from 72% to 77%.


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High school students are graduating, but are they ready for what's next?

High school students in L.A. Unified are graduating at higher rates than ever before. But it’s too early to know whether these students will go on to complete higher-level education or succeed in the job market.

Now one of the school board’s new members wants to try to answer these questions by gathering and publicizing a lot more information, both on graduates and current students.

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L.A. Unified gets a chance to clone good schools, but what are the necessary ingredients?

The concept sounds simple: take a good school, figure out what’s happening to make students successful, and re-create those elements to spread the success somewhere else.

Replication, as this process is called, has become a buzzword with charter schools nationwide as they expand their networks on the promise of bringing high achievement at existing schools to new ones.

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Rich and powerful figures will set USC course in wake of scandal, from behind closed doors

How USC handles one of the biggest scandals in its history will be decided behind closed doors by a small group of wealthy and powerful people.

Composed of 57 voting members, USC’s board of trustees includes noted philanthropists, accomplished alumni, Hollywood insiders and industrial tycoons. The group’s influence extends from the floor of Staples Center to metropolises in India and China.

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