Lindsay's 'Inferno'

Since her short stint on "Ugly Betty," Lohan's roles have been few. Her comedy "Labor Pains," about a woman who fakes a pregnancy to get ahead in her company, never made it to the big screen. Instead the comedy landed on ABC Family. However, she was lucky enough to score a small role in Robert Rodriguez's "Machete," due in theaters in the fall. Lindsay could've been on the verge of a comeback. She was cast as "Deep Throat" porn star Linda Lovelace in the biopic "Inferno," directed by Matthew Wilder. The risky role, said to focus on Lovelace's troubled marriage, drug abuse and advocacy for the antiporn movement, may have helped cement Lindsay's future as a serious actress. But as trouble mounted and her availability and reliability was questioned, writer/director Matthew Wilder was forced to replace her with Malin Akerman.
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