Lectures and performances

Mr. Mysto: The Indian Rope Trick! A comedic presentation performed by John Carney, assisted by Jim Piper.

Dustin Stinett: Speaker: Catching up with Milo and Roger.Stinett is a writer for the magicians' magazine Genii.

John Gaughan: Performed the Shower of Gold effect as described in Hoffmann's More Magic.

Mark Kalin and Jinger: Performed the Spirit Cabinet from their theater in Reno, Nevada.

Richard Kaufman: Speaker: Theodore DeLand: A Ring of Mystery Around the Globe.Kaufman is an author, illustrator, publisher and editor of Genii magazine.

Trevor Dawson: Speaker: The Great Carmo.Dawson is a British magic collector and researcher.

Jim Steinmeyer: Performed Find the Lady, assisted by Lani Pelino, Jonathan Levit and David Regal.

Diego Domingo: Speaker: Only Believe â The Pillar of Fire and the Plastic Eye Miracle

Bill Liles: Speaker: Houdini, Froggett, and the Mirror Cuffs

Peter Reveen: Speaker: The hypnotist and illusionist shared perspectives on his life in magic.

Jules Fisher: Speaker: Light in MagicFisher is a Tony-award winning Lighting Designer.

Peter Lamont: Speaker: Vernon: Professor, Pseudo-scientist, Terrorist.Lamont is a historian and psychologist based at the Koestler Parapsychology Unit at the University of Edinburgh

Mike Caveney: Performed the Astral Hand and the Million Dollar Mystery, assisted by Jonathan Levit, David Regal and Tina Lenert.

Jim Steinmeyer: Speaker: Background on Dr. Hooker

Roxy: Speaker: The history of Lightning Calculators

The Conference Organizers: Panel discussion moderated by Richard Kaufman. Onstage were current conference organizers Mike Caveney, John Gaughan, Frankie Glass and Jim Steinmeyer. Hospitality Coordinator Joan Lawton. One of the originators of the first conference Ricky Jay. And star of many of the illusions throughout the years, Tina Lenert.

Arthur Benjamin: Performed his Mathemagic act.Benjamin is professor mathematics at Harvey Mudd College.

Michael McGiveneySpeaker: A Little Bit About the McGiveneys. Performed the McGiveney Quick Change Act that originated in 1907.McGiveney is a lighting designer and stage manager


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