Map: Death on the rails

This interactive database shows 524 reported accidents and near collisions on Metrolink’s commuter rail system from its inception in 1993 through September 2008. The accidents, and the resulting deaths and injuries, were spread across the 388-mile system, but the largest concentration is in the north San Fernando Valley.

Metrolink accident history
Each circle represents either a street crossing or a mile marker between crossings. Accidents between crossings are shown at the nearest milepost. The circles are scaled to indicate the number of accidents there. Click on labels below to also view deaths and injuries.


Notes: Portions of the Metrolink system are owned by another transit agency and two private freight operators. The map depicts all accidents on the system, including those involving trains operated by Amtrak, Union Pacific Railroad and Burlington Northern Sante Fe. Descriptions in capital letters were taken unedited from FRA reports. All others were transcribed by the Times from paper records and have not been proofread.

Sources: Metrolink, Federal Railroad Administration.