Crime alerts for Cypress Park and 10 other L.A. neighborhoods

Crime reports are up significantly for the latest week in 11 L.A. neighborhoods, according to an analysis of LAPD data by the Los Angeles Times’ Crime L.A. database.

Five neighborhoods reported a significant increase in violent crime. Cypress Park (A) was the most unusual, recording five reports compared with a weekly average of 0.7 over the last three months.

Los Feliz (F) topped the list of six neighborhoods with property crime alerts. It recorded 24 property crimes compared with its weekly average of 16.3 over the last three months.

Alerts are based on an analysis of crime reports for June 17–23, the most recent seven days for which data are available.

Violent crime up significantlyNeighborhoodAverageReports  Cypress Park 0.75  Wilmington 3.78  Manchester Square 2.99  Sylmar 3.58  Palms 1.84Property crime up significantlyNeighborhoodAverageReports  Los Feliz 16.324  Van Nuys 46.760  Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw 27.942  Playa Vista 3.57  Broadway-Manchester 15.125  Winnetka 17.425 What triggers a crime alert? Learn about the process in the FAQ for our crime database.

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