Couple accused of kidnapping boy who made their son cry

A couple in the Northern California town of Colusa has been charged with kidnapping a 13-year-old boy and forcing him to apologize for making their son cry, authorities said.

Rebecca Carranza-Molina,  44, and Jose Alfred Molina, 56, who were arrested Friday, also face child endangerment and false imprisonment charges for kidnapping the boy from a street corner, said Colusa County Dist. Atty. John Poyner.


The boy, he said, was "doing fine," but was unbelievably frightened by the incident, and suffered minor scratches and bruising.

The couple's son and the boy were snapping towels at each other at a sandbar along the Sacramento River when their son was accidentally hurt and started to cry, authorities said.

Carranza-Molina, who was nearby, reportedly got angry, hit the boy and took his bicycle, according to the Colusa Police Department.

She then left the park, picked up her husband from home and returned to chase the boy, who had been walking in the area, according to the Police Department.

During the chase, they grabbed the boy, forced him into their minivan and returned home, where they kept him until he apologized for making their son cry, police said.

A witness who saw the incident called police.

Authorities arrived at the couple's home just as the boy was apologizing and arrested the parents.

Carranza-Molina already had felony charges pending against her for allegedly assaulting her husband, Poyner said.

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