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City Beat: Spinning a sign, spinning a Hollywood dream

Go to any corner in many a part of this city and you'll find a Hollywood dream.

David Harwell's corner is North La Cienega Boulevard and West 3rd Street.

There, he dances with a sign that reads, "CHECKS CASHED, MoneyGram, CURRENCY EXCHANGE."

On a nearby lamppost, he bungee-cords another sign, featuring his photo, name and the words, "Like me on Facebook."

So far, 26,000 people have done so. Harwell wants to build a fan base.

He's a sign dancer now, but he wants to be an actor.

The other day, I drove by Harwell as I headed down La Cienega. I saw a huge smile. I saw high energy. I saw the Facebook sign, which made me wonder what the story was behind it.

So I circled back and I met Harwell, who told me he's been slinging signs for nine years now. He's hawked carpet and cellphones, sausage and gelato, even a kids' martial arts studio.

Read all about Harwell and his busy corner in my latest City Beat story.

Scroll down to see the story, in photos, that I sent out on Twitter.

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