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Compton voters head to polls to vote for new mayor

Voters in Compton head to the polls Tuesday to cast their ballots in a hotly contested race between the city's beloved but troubled former mayor and a political neophyte.

The final faceoff between Omar Bradley and Aja Brown comes after months of campaigning and battling it out at public forums. During the contest, Bradley suffered a pulmonary embolism but, against his doctor's advice, continued to campaign.

Bradley is running for a third term after serving prison time for a conviction on public-corruption charges. That conviction was later overturned.

Brown, an urban planner never elected to public office, said she is running for mayor in hopes of moving Compton beyond years of chaotic politics, financial meltdowns and a reputation for corruption.

In April's primary, the two candidates beat out Compton's longtime Mayor Eric Perrodin and a crowded field of candidates that included former child star Rodney Allen Rippy.

Besides the mayor's race, more change could be in store for Compton.

Longtime Councilwoman Lillie Dobson, 74, is running against 26-year-old Isaac Galvan, who, if elected, would be the city's first Latino councilmember.

April's vote was conducted under a new by-district voting system that resulted from a voting-rights lawsuit brought against the city by Latino residents. Several Latino candidates ran, but Galvan was the only one who made it to the runoff.


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