Fraternity member wins USC student presidency

A fraternity member won the USC student body president election Tuesday night, continuing a pattern of male undergraduate leaders at the school.

Andrew Menard, who serves in student government and is the social chair of Sigma Chi, and his running mate, Rini Sampath, who is not a member of a Greek organization, received 44% of the vote, according to student media. Another ticket headed by a fraternity member finished second with about 29% of the ballots.


It's unclear how the third team on the ballot did. The presidential candidate on that ticket, James White, is not part of the Greek system but his running mate was.

The complete election results will be available later in the week.

Fraternity members have generally claimed the USC student presidency recently, which is not unusual at large campuses with Greek systems. However, some alumni and students are concerned that a female hasn't even attempted to run for the top job since 2006.

Menard said last week that he wanted more females to run in the future.

"I'd like to see a female president as much as anyone," he said.

Sampath, a sophomore, could run for the presidency next year.

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