VIDEO: Helmet cam shows Fresno firefighters rescue 3 children from fire

A team of Fresno firefighters are being called heroes after video shot from a helmet cam shows them rescuing three children from a fiery apartment.

Taken by a firefighter who was wearing a helmet camera, the shaky footage shows a plume of smoke darting out of the Fresno apartment on Sunday.


"We got three kids inside," he yells to fellow firefighters.

Within seconds, the footage, which was first obtained by the Fresno Bee, goes black as the firefighter makes his way through the apartment in search of the children.

Through the darkness, the sound of glass shattering can be heard as the firefighter shuffles around the apartment.

Moments later, he screams, "I got two," as he runs outside the apartment. Next, the camera footage shows another firefighter holding the third child.

The children were in critical condition, the Fresno Bee reported.

Fresno City Firefighters Local 753 credited the rescue to teamwork.

"Firefighting is a team effort, and we have a great team," they said.

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