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@HiddenCash plans more cash drops on beaches today

@HiddenCash is hiding Angry Birds figurines full of cash at L.A.-area beaches

For a Twitter-driven event, what could be more appropriate than stuffing cash into 36 plastic models of angry red birds and scattering them all over Los Angeles-area beaches? Tweet, tweet.

@HiddenCash, the as-yet-anonymous person who has been hiding treasure throughout the Southland, said in his latest tweet that he would reveal the locations of the buried cash at 11 a.m. Saturday. He posted a photo of an Angry Bird figurine, modeled on the electronic game, with a wad of money stuffed inside.

“Thirty-six of these, stuffed with cash, will be buried in the sand while you sleep,” @HiddenCash vowed Friday night.

Early Saturday, the benefactor, who identifies himself as a wealthy real estate developer between the ages of 35 and 45, posted other clues: “It will be kind of like an Easter egg hunt, except instead of eggs, they are birds, which I guess are eggs that have hatched.”

The HiddenCash phenom began in the Bay Area and moved to the L.A. region on Thursday. Hordes converged on the Empire Center in Burbank on Thursday night. On Friday, hundreds of Twitter faithful arrived at the Huntington Library parking lot in San Marino to search for envelopes stuffed with bills.

The tweets have unleashed a social media frenzy and spawned imitators in Washington, New Orleans and other cities.

“I never anticipated or imagined this would happen,” he told The Times in a phone interview this week. “But if you are going to start something, it needs to be bigger.”

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