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L.A. Now Live: Discuss Monday's quake, and what it means for L.A.

Join Los Angeles Times staff writer Rong-Gong Lin II for an L.A. Now Live chat at 12:30 p.m. on the magnitude 4.4 earthquake that struck early Monday about six miles from Westwood.

There were no immediate reports of any injuries or major damage, but the earthquake was one of the largest in this area since at least 2008. Law enforcement agencies and earthquake experts say it is an opportunity to better understand seismic shifts and prepare residents for the "big one."

Monday's earthquake hit in the northern edge of the Santa Monica Mountains, a general area responsible for the uplifting of the range over many thousands of years.

LIVE BLOG: 4.4 earthquake strikes Los Angeles 

Lin, who has reported extensively on earthquake safety issues, will be available during the chat to answer reader questions and respond to comments about Monday's earthquake and the aftershocks that followed. 

Readers can tweet questions or comments to chat moderator @aribloomekatz beforehand, or directly through the chat interface that can be viewed on the L.A. Times homepage.

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