Shirtless man asks TV reporter on date during live broadcast

Shirtless man holding a puppy asks a reporter covering fire out on a date on live TV

It was enough of an L.A. moment to earn a mention on "Jimmy Kimmel," get half a million YouTube views and rocket across all of Twitterdom.

Shirtless man asks TV news reporter on a date during a live report from the Etiwanda brush fire

Sure, why not.

The video captures KTLA reporter Courtney Friel doing her utmost to talk through the driving wind as the thick brown smoke from the fire above Rancho Cucamonga fills the sky.

And as the news fates would have it, a shirtless man wearing a black baseball cap and holding a puppy comes romping along. Perfect.

Friel asks if he lives in the area, a seemingly sensible question.

“Wow, you’re super pretty,” he answers. “Wanna go on a date sometime?”

Not to be slowed down, Friel asks what he thinks of the fire.

“It’s pretty cool,” he says, nodding before slowing drifting away.

Later, using the hashtag #ShirtlessDudeAsksMeOutOnliveTV, Friel addressed the encounter on Twitter:

“Wonder where he would have taken me on a date.”

Several hours later she added:

“Clearly he didn’t see my ring.”


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