UCLA hikers rescued after becoming lost in San Gabriel Mountains

13 members of UCLA hiking club became lost, had to be rescued in San Gabriel Mountains

After becoming lost amid snow drifts in the San Gabriel Mountains, members of UCLA’s hiking club had to be rescued Saturday night and Sunday morning by a Sheriff’s Department search-and-rescue crew, authorities said.

Thirteen students were on a daylong hike around Mt. Hawkins, but eight members of the group became lost, and around 6 p.m. Saturday, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was deployed to track them down, Deputy. Mike Barraza said.

The students were hiking above 8,000 feet around Throop Peak, where trails were marred by snow and ice and some snow drifts were about thigh-deep.

The hikers were located about 12:30 a.m. Sunday, but it took search-and-rescue crews six hours to escort the students to the trailhead.

“To prevent the students from falling, the rescue team placed harnesses and ropes on them to safely lower them down icy slopes,'' Barraza said.

The students were “elated” by the arrival of rescuers, Barraza added. Some suffered from mild hypothermia but none required medical attention.

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