Wealthy donors attract GOP presidential candidates to California

Wealthy donors attract GOP presidential candidates to California
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, shown last week in Atlanta, will be in California next week for fundraising stops in Newport Beach, Bel-Air and San Francisco. (David Goldman / Associated Press)

A Republican presidential candidate hasn't won California since 1988 but that doesn't stop GOP candidates from visiting the Golden State. That's because it's home to so many wealthy donors. (Remember the stat that California has more billionaires than any other state -- and almost any other country?)

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will be here next week for fundraising stops in Newport Beach, Bel-Air and San Francisco, reports the Washington Post.


Here are other California headlines from around the Web:

--Former U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is settling into her office in the Hall of Administration. As a Los Angeles County supervisor, she is now one of the most powerful politicians in California. "It's fascinating how many people work for the county — over 100,000. At the Department of Labor it was like 15,000. The budget here is $26 billion, much more than what I was used to in D.C," she said. Downtown News

--A longtime labor leader is retiring in Orange County. Nick Berardino led the county's largest public employee union. Daily Pilot

--The California State University system is shaking up its degree program. Trustees are considering 29 new programs that could be implemented over the next decade. "You'll see campuses meet workforce needs, and then some programs that lose popularity are phased out," according to a spokesman. Daily News

--Could a T-shirt be enough to boost morale in one Orange County high school? An anonymous donor hopes so. Someone provided El Dorado High School with 2,000 T-shirts that read "Hawk Strong." It was just three weeks ago that a popular teacher killed herself on the Placentia campus. Orange County Register

--The Red Car trolley disappeared from Los Angeles' streets once -- and it looks like it may be happening again. It took $10 million to bring the trolley back to San Pedro but now it's going offline as Ports O' Call Village undergoes construction. It's unknown whether the trolley will make another comeback after the renovations. Daily Breeze

--"L.A. bridge brown." "Lamp post gray." Those are some pretty important colors when your job is painting over graffiti in Los Angeles. Last year, crews removed 1 square mile of graffiti from public spaces. Medium

--The San Diego Zoo is home to a new hippo calf. Zoo staff aren't sure yet whether it is a boy or a girl. They're letting the baby and new mom, 30-year-old Funani, spend some quality time together. The dad in this equation is Otis, who was brought down from the L.A. Zoo for mating purposes. LAist

--From hiking to brunch to car chases, it's 18 text messages only people living in Los Angeles would send. Buzzfeed

--A collection of photos showcasing Los Angeles' humble one-room churches. Zocalo

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