Newly married in West Hollywood: 'We did it! Finally.'

Five members of the West Hollywood City Council and several other city staffers were sworn in Monday afternoon by the L.A. County Registrar-Recorder to perform marriage ceremonies.

Four of the five council members are gay men, and all of the council members wore black robes during their swearing in.

As they held their right hands up to be sworn in, Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder/Clerk Dean Logan said, "It's an exciting day ... let's get you all signed up and on with the ceremony."

Inside the West Hollywood City Council chambers, where the swearing-in took place, a projector showed a large photo of two rainbow flags on either side of an American flag. 

Dozens of people were expected to get married in West Hollywood this afternoon. 

Wanda Lawson, 63, and Lauryne Braithwaite, 65, were among the first couples married under one of three white awnings outside West Hollywood City Council chambers.

They celebrated their 32nd year as a couple on Valentine’s Day this year.

Lawson and Braithwaite were wed by West Hollywood City Clerk Cory Schaffer under a white wicker awning with white bows. The women wore matching plastic leis with flowers in the colors of the rainbow, they said. 

They linked arms as they walked to the awning, Braithwaite with a cane.

"Are you ready to get married?" Schaffer said. The women laughed and held hands. "I'm so honored to be a part of this," Schaffer said. 

"Lauryne, do you take Wanda to be your lawfully wedded spouse?" Schaffer asked.

"Without a doubt!" she exclaimed.

They exchanged gold rings. After Schaffer proclaimed them as legally married, Lauryne shouted with joy: "Yes!"

"Baby!" Lauryne said, looking at her new wife. "You're all mine! We did it! Finally."


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