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Flashback Friday: A curious look

While photographing a young girl at a cafe in Venice, Rinzi Ruiz was left with a simple, yet powerful message: Stay curious. 

Ruiz was enjoying an afternoon with his friends on the boardwalk when he noticed the girl pressed against the window at the Sidewalk Cafe. What jumped out at him was her perplexed facial expression and playful energy.

“It made me smile and is a reminder to me to stay curious and playful in life," he said. 

He composed the photo so that the sun brightly lit up the girl while her family faded into the background. The photo's finishing touch was the shadows from her hands.

Ruiz made the image using a Samsung NX3000 with a 16-50mm kit lens.

*This post was originally published on Dec. 18, 2014. Every Friday, the #SoCalMoments team will highlight one of our favorite posts from our archives. 

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