High tide at Cliff Island

In search of awesome photo opportunities, Brent Goldman and his girlfriend headed to Corona del Mar's Cliff Island on Sunday.

At low tide, the rock formation reveals its giant arches -- a prime spot for sunset photography -- but to get there, you have to time your hike down the beach just right.


"The only way to get near the island is to hike south for about a half mile along the rocky coast from Little Corona Beach," Goldman said. "It took my girlfriend and I about 45 minutes to get near the island because of all the gear we were carrying and because of the slippery, jagged rocks."

Once they arrived, the tide was rising quickly. "If we stayed until sunset, we may have had to swim a bit."

They had just enough time to relax for a bit and snap a few photos of the waves crashing against the rocks below.

"We survived the high tide and we were still able to watch the sunset together from the beach," Goldman said.

He used a Nikon D800 to make the image.

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