Cue the Hollywood dream sequence

Some pictures just stop you in your tracks.

This one by Jordan Foley is one of them.  It is without argument a breathtaking moment and inspiring photograph of one of the world's most recognizable locations.

Foley was trying to take photos of cars on the 101 Freeway, she said. "Then I saw the clouds start to break and I turned my camera towards the sign.  The clouds had fully covered the sign, but as the breeze kicked up, the sign started to peek through, and I ended up catching this moment."

What a moment it is too. The mood of this image is the backdrop for a perfect dream.  This city brings in idealists from all over and this sign can represent the fantasy of an idealized life.   Here, as the clouds danced away, the story of that dream begins to unfold and the little red tip of light from the tower plays as a beacon of hope that affirms endless possibilities -- before a big "Hollywood"-style revealing. The clouds will entirely move away and eventually the whole sign will shine for people miles away to see again, but at this moment, is when the dream coyly starts.

The old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words" feels apropos here. This pictures elicits an array of emotions and stirs an optimistic heart. It can play as the scene-setter, the opening shot to your next story.

Foley used a Canon 6D with a 24-70mm lens.

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