A pit stop for the perfect shot

For Alec Sibley, photography is not only about the destination. It's also about the journey.

Last fall, he was traveling to Big Bear for a photo session when he decided to make a pit stop along the way to shoot some landscapes of the Inland Empire. What compelled him to stop were the subtle colors in the sky produced by the SoCal smog, the city lights and the dim time of day.

"A view caught my eye so naturally that an abrupt stop was in order," Sibley said. "I ran out, set up quickly and took photos for roughly an hour."

Sibley says patience is everything in photography, especially when shooting at night. He has learned that sometimes it's necessary for him to spend up to several hours in a single location to get the perfect shot.

Sibley made the image using a Canon 6D with a 50mm F1.8 lens on a tripod.

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