A winter holiday season at the beach

Southern California is beautiful because you can comfortably enjoy the holiday season wearing shorts on the beach.

Ric Berryman captures the feeling in his photograph of the Manhattan Beach pier at sunset. The landmark pier shining red and green in Christmas lights contrasts with the greater scene at hand.

"I think it's somewhat ironic as a holiday image … the things that come to mind are snow, cold temperatures, icicles, festive lights, scarves, mittens, building snowmen," Berryman said. "This image presents the opposite of that:a lovely warm glowing sunset at the beach. If only I could have included a surfer in the shot!"

But of course, this is how we usually experience the holidays in Southern California.

Berryman used a six-second shutter to smooth out the ocean, creating a silky effect in the water, on a Nikon D600 to make the image while wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

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