"The Father, the Son, and the Holy Car"

"The Father, the Son, and the Holy Car"
"The Father, the Son, and the Holy Car" tells the story of a father, a son and the true owner of a 1959 Ford Fairlane 500. (Greg Vorobiov)

He noticed the beautiful lines and detailed chrome appointments first. Classic. Vintage. He knew he had to have a shot of it.

At Bob's Big Boy's weekly classic car show in Toluca Lake, Greg Vorobiov started talking with the 1959 Ford Fairlane 500's owner and his young son about the vehicle's beautiful design.

"My brain started filling up with image ideas before I even suggested we take a portrait," he said.

"As we spoke, I knew I wanted to capture a visual story, a la the paintings of the great Norman Rockwell, connecting our multi-generational American car culture. You know, something honest and real, like the father and son connecting through their mutual love of automobiles.

"Perhaps, how the father would one day give this old Fairlane 500 to his son and how eventually a grandson may inherit the car. But most importantly, how each of their hearts inherits all the stories and love while the car bears witness to it all.

"So after a few minutes, our impromptu photo session was over and as I said goodbye I mentioned to the young son that someday this car might be his, he replied, 'What do you mean someday, it already is.'"

Vorobiov used a Canon 5D Mark III to make the image.

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