Urban exploring in downtown L.A.

To get the best photo, sometimes you just need to look up.

On his way to a Metro stop in downtown Los Angeles, Tyson Kindstrom heard some construction on the streets and decided to look up. He saw a man -- whom he assumed to be an urban explorer -- climbing a fire escape to the roof of a building.

He liked how the light and shadow formed a contrast on the building, so he snapped the photo with a black-and-white image in mind.

"It's not just a street scene," he said. "There's a little bit of an abstract feel to it if you look at it from a geometric perspective."

A few days prior, Kindstrom had been viewing urban explorer photography on Instagram, so he saw this as an interesting coincidence.

Kindstrom used a Leica M240 camera with a 50mm Zeis Planar lens to make the image March 8.

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