That 'top of the world' feeling

A mother snaps a photo of her daughter's top-of-the-world moment on a gorgeous day in Pacific Palisades

Nicola Buck recently captured this image of her daughter atop a local street in the Pacific Palisades, which she says also serves as the unofficial entrance to the Santa Monica mountains.

"The clouds weren't so visible in this shot because I was exposing for shadow, taking it into the sunlight. We stood on the edge and had the view of the canyon below. Always incredible. It was pretty windy and the sun still has that wintery feel, so a very different feel to summer. 

I love seeing my kids in majestic California nature. I never take it for granted. We are so lucky to have it all, mountains and ocean on our doorstep.

I love the warm colors in this one and for a spot that has been very arid in recent months. I loved the various shades of lush green after recent rain and how the sun caught my daughter's hair."

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