Touch of Evil

"Touch of Evil" (1958) Heston gives one of his more intricate performances under the guidance of director Orson Welles in the filmmaker's masterpiece. Ironically, "Touch of Evil" is now considered one of Welles' most accomplished works. Heston plays Ramon Miguel "Mike" Vargas, the Mexican head of the Pan-American Narcotics Commission who offers to assist the authorities at the border town of Los Robles after he and his new wife, Susan (Janet Leigh), witness a deadly car bomb explosion. Welles plays the corrupt lead detective, Capt. Hank Quinlan. Heston later said of his experience: "It was a remarkable experience for me, a great learning experience, one of the most valuable I've had in my whole film career. I probably learned more about acting from Welles than any other film director I've worked for."
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