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Didn't mean to skip this loo: Travel photo identified

And now for a quick potty break.

Sunday's Travel section included a short item about a contest to find America's best restroom. The facilities at the Hollywood Bowl are among this year's contenders.

The brief, in the "Need to Know" column, was accompanied by a photo of an opulent marble and brass bathroom with a purple ceiling. However, the photo, like others in the weekly column, did not have a caption, and so the restroom was unidentified.

Until now.

Joy Grdnic Christensen emailed to say it's from her restaurant, the Fountain on Locust in St. Louis. A Times reader alerted Christensen to the unidentified photo and urged, "You may want to write to The Times and just put them straight."

"So of course I'm writing to do as she said," Christensen emailed.

The Fountain's restroom was the contest's 2010 winner.

"And just to give credit where credit is due," Christensen said, "HER (your reader's) name is Lori Mitchell."

Now we're flush with information.

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