Amanda Seyfried may star alongside John Cusack in new thriller


native and Allen High grad

Amanda Seyfried

may have an upcoming project with

John Cusack

with director Patrick Alessandrin.

Sources have seen Alessandrin up in Boston, preparing to shoot his next picture "The Bullet," which has Seyfried and Cusack attached to it.

The director will be in the area in April, according to

According to the site, the plot revolves around "a man only known as "The Clockmaker" who devises the ultimate plot of revenge against a seemingly random group of people by manipulating them to kill one another."

Seyfried can be seen next in

"Red Riding Hood"

which opens March 11, is currently filming the thriller "Gone" and has the film "Now" with

Justin Timberlake

coming out Oct. 28.