Fort Trump: New security measures ring Trump Tower

Being a midtown Manhattan neighbor of Donald Trump now that he is president-elect has come to this: Navigating swarms of police officers, barricades, checkpoints and street closings that have turned Trump Tower — a tourist attraction normally open to the public — into a fortress.

The extreme security measures began going up around the landmark Fifth Avenue skyscraper on Election Day, when authorities brought in a fleet of heavy Sanitation Department trucks filled with sand to wall off the front of the glittering, 664-foot glass tower and protect it from a potential car bomb attack.

Those trucks have been replaced by concrete barriers stamped with the NYPD logo. But the stepped-up security — a team effort by the Secret Service, the New York Police Department and Trump's private security personnel — isn't going away.

The heightened security has already become a concern for some high-end retailers in one of the city's busiest shopping districts, especially with the holiday season ramping up.

Police officers manning metal barricades asked visitors and shoppers where they were going before they could get onto the block Friday. People who said they were headed for Trump Tower or the flagship Tiffany & Co. store next door were being let through, but the jewelry shop canceled the unveiling next week of its annual Christmas light display.

More permanent safeguards will take into account the effect on businesses and residents, Secret Service spokesman Martin Mulholland said.

"People think we shut stuff down because we can, but we pay close attention to what happens when we close a street or a sidewalk," he said. "We look for the best solution."