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Q: What if I don't want to pay for a membership - can I still read for free? Is there a monthly article limit?

A: Non-registered users can continue to get breaking news, enjoy repeat visits to's home page and access 5 articles every 30 days without being asked to join. Create a registration and receive access to 5 more articles, giving you access to a total of 10 articles every 30 days. Article limits reset to zero based on a rolling 30-day calendar from the time you first visit our site. Areas of that do not factor into the article count include: homepage
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Q: Do page views on the same article count toward my access limit? What about articles I'm rereading?

A: An article that is broken into multiple pages will only count once, as will visiting an article you've already read within the 30-day period.

Q: Will you offer free coverage if there is breaking news?

A: Breaking news will be available via our home page. In addition, please sign up for breaking news emails at or SMS text alerts on your mobile phone by texting BREAKING to 52669. (For SMS text alerts, message and data rates may apply. You will receive up to 30 messages per month. Text HELP for help. Text STOP to cancel. You may receive subsequent messages clarifying or confirming your opt-out request. Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy:

Q: How do I know when I reach my limit?

A: You will be asked to create a registration once you have accessed 5 articles within a 30-day period. Once you register, you’ll have access to 5 more articles giving you a total of 10 articles every 30 days. As you read, you will receive information about your status and joining our Membership program. Joining our Membership program would grant you unlimited access to all of the stories on

Q: Will I still be able to access The Times' articles through Facebook, Twitter, blogs or search engines?

A: Access to articles via these providers will remain unchanged for members and non-members alike. As long as a link or post on a social site is live, you will always be able to click through to that story. Members can click through to an unlimited number of articles. For non-members, however, please be aware that each click-through counts toward the article maximum. Also, if non-members revisit a story previously read within the 30-day window, it will not count toward the limit.

Q: I enjoy commenting. Can I make and read comments without becoming a member? Do they count toward my monthly article limit?

A: We encourage commenting and consider it an important part of the community. In order to do so, you will be required to register. Registration is different from membership and can also be done at: Please note that comments do not count toward the article maximum, nor does any content that you generate for the community, such as posting photos. You may continually check stories you have commented on and engage in discussions with other visitors without increasing your 30-day article count.

Q: How do the mobile apps factor in?

A: At this time you can access all mobile apps without a membership. Mobile sites have the same 10 article limit.

Q: I like the crossword puzzle and games. Do I need to be a member to access them?

A: Access to crosswords and games is unlimited.

Q: What about my newsletters?

A: You can continue to register for and receive our email newsletters without becoming a member. The newsletter itself does not count toward the monthly limit, but any stories you click through to on will be counted. Visit to register for additional newsletters.

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