You asked Marty; now he answers

Who's your favorite female rock artist? --Ann
"I would say Gwen Stefani, but I consider that pop now. So I would say--who's a really kick-ass rock chick?--I would say Shirley Manson from Garbage."

If you end up going back to The Lovehammers, would you change your vocal style at all? --Fabian Sparkle
"I definitely would take everything I've learned from this show in the past 12 weeks, and I think I've learned a lot, and I would incorporate it to what I've always been doing with The Lovehammers. It's not about changing, it's about growing."

Are you ever going to come back to the South Side of Chicago to perform? --Bridget
"Of course. That's one of the things I'm most excited about is to go back home and just thank everybody for their monumental support as the underdog Chicago kid trying his best to put a good name on Chicago music."

How have you been able to unlock this new voice we're hearing from you lately?--Laurie
"I think I always had that voice, I just never knew it would be effective to actually use live. So it's ... just like stepping up to the challenge of trying something new ... in front of millions of people."

If you could collaborate with one of the other contestants, aside from Jordis, who would it be? --Tania
"Aside from Jordis? I would say Suzie McNeil."

Marty, you make my heart pound and my palms sweat. Can I climb up in a tree with you?
--LovinMeSomeMC"Of course. Yeees! [Laughs] I always love the mention of 'Trees.'"

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Metromix nightlife producer Karen Budell asked Marty Casey questions posted on a .Originally published Sept. 20, 2005.

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