Fast-Paised review: ‘Imagine Me and You'

2½ stars (out of four)

Big question: Rachel (Piper Perabo) considers leaving her husband Heck (Matthew Goode) for the gay beauty Luce (Lena Headey), who she spotted mid-stride to the altar. Is this a romantic comedy or a guy's lesbian fantasy?

Catch it: A romantic, tolerant and tame twist on the notion of love at first sight, "Imagine Me and You" displays respectable people confronting difficult feelings in a mature--if simplistic--way. Imagine that.

Skip it if: You don't want to watch Goode ("Match Point") steal every scene he's in with his incredibly appealing British accent and idealist, boyish charm.

Bottom line: It's no "Brokeback Mountain," but "Imagine Me and You" tenderly approaches love unrestricted by societal concerns (or realities) of sexual preference. It's a formulaic but fun romantic comedy that deserves more than sight gags of penis-shaped cacti.

Bonus: Heck's best man (Darren Boyd), said to be willing to "shag an open wound," delivers one of cinema's strongest wedding-day toasts: "May they grow old together sharing the same pillow." Aww.


`Imagine Me and You'

Written and directed by Ol Parker; photographed by Ben V. Davis; edited by Alex Mackie; production designed by Eve Mavrakis; music by Alex Heffes; produced by Sophie Balhetchet, Barnaby Thompson and Andro Steinborn. A Fox Searchlight Pictures release; opens Friday. Running time: 1:33. MPAA rating: R (some language and sexual material).

Rachel - Piper Perabo

Luce - Lena Headey

Heck - Matthew Goode

Ned - Anthony Head

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