Fast-Paised review: ‘Firewall'

Big question: Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford) fights to protect his wife (Virginia Madsen) and two kids from a mild-mannered bank robber (Paul Bettany). Isn't Indiana Jones a little old for this?

Skip it: Maintaining his usual "I'm over 60 and I mean business!" bark, Ford does nothing to save "Firewall" from a virus that wipes away all logic and suspense. You'll spend the whole film waiting for the thrills to kick in, like a website that takes hours to load. Page not found.

Catch it if: You wish your dad can kick ass like Ford. Sorry, he can't.

Bottom line: Compared to its finale, the first hour of "Firewall" is, at best, tediously mediocre. The last act is like watching a screenplay short-circuit, as it transforms domestic terror into a laugh-out-loud search and rescue hinging on a dog's GPS collar.

Bonus: Coming soon: Harrison Ford as a grandpa seeking revenge in "Spam Blocker."



Directed by Richard Loncraine; written by Joe Forte; cinematography by Marco Pontecorvo; production design by Brian Morris; music by Alexandre Desplat; edited by Jim Page; produced by Armyan Bernstein, Jonathan Shestack and Basil Iwanyk. A Warner Bros. Pictures release; opens Friday. Running time: 1:45. MPAA rating: PG-13 (for some intense sequences of violence)

Jack Stanfield - Harrison Ford

Bill Cox - Paul Bettany

Beth Stanfield - Virginia Madsen

Janet Stone - Mary Lynn Rajskub

Gary Mitchell - Robert Patrick

Harry Romano - Robert Forster

Arlin Forester - Alan Arkin

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