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Fast-Paised review: ‘Eight Below'

Big question: A Disney-adapted true story about snow dogs enduring harsh temperatures: Don't we already know these pups have an "Iron Will"?

Skip it: Eight impeccably trained mutts brave six months in Antarctica when their master (Paul Walker) inadvertently abandons them. The humans are emotionally lukewarm; "Eight Below" does little more than celebrate the triumph of the canine spirit.

Catch it if: You have a fever. "Eight Below" will send chills down your spine from both icy images and Walker's stiff performance.

Bottom line: Uninspiring and bland, "Eight Below" leaves you with nothing more than a greater appreciation for the insulating power of fur.

Bonus: The bond between these animals gives new meaning to the phrase, "I got your back, dog."



`Eight Below'

Directed by Frank Marshall; written by David DiGilio; photographed by Don Burgess; edited by Christopher Rouse; production designed by John Willett; music by Mark Isham; head dog training by Mike Alexander. A Walt Disney Pictures release; opens Friday. Running time: 1:52. MPAA rating: PG (some peril and brief mild language, may be a bit harsh for sensitive kids).

Jerry Shepard - Paul Walker

Charlie - Jason Biggs

Davis "Doc" McLaren - Bruce Greenwood

Katie - Moon Bloodgood

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