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Fast-Paised review: ‘Dirty Work'

Big question: Aside from why we'd want to see our city looking so shady, are there no other titles for stories of bad people doing bad things?

Skip it: Nobody is without sin in "Dirty Work," a derivative depiction of the seedy underbelly of Chicago's South Side. It's a convoluted story of corruption revolving around one interesting character, a Polish immigrant named Lena (Nutsa Kukhianidze), and a handful of generic sleazebags.

Catch it if: You want to see the worst publicity Hotel 71--the setting of most of these scoundrels' dealings--will ever have.

Bottom line: "Dirty Work" does a decent job of embroiling its disloyal characters in a web of organized crime and prostitution. But it's difficult to care about criminals who get what they deserve in a dingy film that feels like work to watch.

Bonus: The only person more physically suited than Lance Reddick (who stars here as Manning, a crooked cop and single dad) to play the lead in "The Jerry Rice Story" is Jerry Rice. Could they be long-lost twins?



`Dirty Work'

Directed by Bruce Terris; written by Terris, Rick Rose; photographed by David Blood; edited by Sharon Zurek; production design by Merje Veski; music by Mark Messing; produced by Christina Varotsis, Jennifer Vincent. A Blue Horseshoe Productions Inc. release; opens Friday at the Gene Siskel Film Center. Running time: 1:37. No MPAA rating. Adult (for violence, language, nudity, sexuality and drug references).

Derek Manning - Lance Reddick

Frank Sullivan - Michael McGlone

Lena - Nutsa Kukhianid ze

Julian Healy - Austin Pendleton

Steven - Tim Decker

Stark - Rich Komenich

Gaga - Mike Nussbaum

Kylie Sullivan - Karin Anglin

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