Movie review, 'On Guard'

Daniel AuteuilVincent PerezMarie GillainDeath

Phillipe de Broca's "On Guard" is the story of Legardere (Daniel Auteuil), a man of no stature in late 17th Century France who goes on a great journey with the Duke of Nevers, destined for the home of Never's bride-to-be and newborn baby. But Nevers is stabbed by his enemy, and begs Legardere to take care of his daughter and avenge his death. Here begins the 16-year plight of Legardere and baby Aurore. Things get uncomfortable as Aurore grows up and we are asked to believe that makeshift father and daughter make good lovers. It's not funny enough to be good comedy or full enough to be good drama. De Broca never develops the transforming love onscreen and ends up with an awkward and indigestible movie.

2 stars (out of 4) "On Guard"
Directed by Phillipe de Broca; written by Phillipe de Broca and Jean Cosmos. An Empire Pictures release. Running time: 2:08. No MPAA rating.
The Hunchback.....Daniel Auteuil
Gonague.....Fabrice Luchini
Nevers.....Vincent Perez
Aurore.....Marie Gillain
Peyrolles.....Yann Collette

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