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Best spots for healthy eats

Cousin's Turkish Fine Dining
"Food is fresh and healthy, especially all the kebabs. My favorite is the yogurt adana kebab and my favorite dessert is kazandibi (like flan but better). Service is awesome and the warm and cozy atmosphere was just right for my date." --Joseph R.

P.S. Bangkok
"This is among the better Thai establishments in Chicago that I've tried. Also, there is a definite inclination towards healthy eating. I was pleased that I could order my red curry with brown rice instead of white and with tofu instead of meat or chicken. The place-setting included a paper mat explaining the health benefits of various herbs and spices used in Thai cooking, which I found informative." --Dan D.

Andalous Moroccan Restaurant
"We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner! The owner was most welcoming and very friendly. His wife-the chef-has a wonderful feel for combining fresh ingredients with aromatic spices and herbs. The food is delicious, healthy and obviously prepared with real care. Vegetarians, there are many choices for your dining pleasure, and if you know of a dish that isn't on the menu, they'll have it prepared for you. We will happily return!" --Jules and Tali L.

"I recently stopped by to check out the gym, and stumbled upon Fresh. Immediately intrigued, I sat down for what ended up being nothing short of an excellent lunch. Being accustomed to standard gym-type cafeterias, Fresh opened a new door with their stylish, yet healthy menu. I will definitely return for the ambience and great service." --Domenico P.

"Just great! The service was excellent, fast as can be, helpful and patient. I am a health-conscious eater and the waiter as well as the kitchen staff created a perfectly delicious and healthy dinner. The sushi was fresh and the place was fun. The mango shrimp is highly recommended. Kitschy, fun atmosphere with truly warm and helpful service. We will definitely be back and urge others to try it out!" --C.D.

Chicago Diner
"Chicago Diner is a perfect response to a common question posed to vegetarians/ vegans: 'Don't you get sick of eating just vegetables?' The menu is diverse, offering an array of stereotypical veggie meals ('macrobiotic meal') to the not-so-mundane meat substitutes ('no meata fajita' is my favorite). Atmosphere is casual, inviting, and best of all, guilt-free." --Meg and Chris

"This place is great! My boyfriend and I go at least twice a month for their fresh spring rolls (shrimp), chicken noodle soup and chicken with basil leaves. The food is fresh, healthy and very tasty."

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