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Favorite Chinese restaurants


"Until moving to Chicago in 1997, I lived in San Francisco for more than 20 years. Most of those years were spent in living in Old Chinatown (downtown) and New Chinatown (Richmond district). In all of the years I lived there, I never had dim sum as good as that served at Phoenix. Nothing more needs to be said."
-- Ross T.

"Of Chicago Chinese, they are one of the best. Food is creative, exotic and high quality if you order the right dishes. Service is unusually good but prices are still kinda high."
-- Chet M.


"Great service and wonderful food! I recommend the crab rangoon, the orange chicken and the sesame chicken. It is one of the best Chinese and Mandarin restaurants in town!"
-- John E.

Kim Yen Vietnamese-Chinese Restaurant
"I enjoy this restaurant a lot. My wife and I frequent Chinatown just to eat here. We always order the same dishes: baby clams in black bean sauce, salt and pepper shrimp, spring rolls and pho."
-- Daniel S.

Hong Kong Bay

"We ordered takeout (and)...it was there in 14 minutes and the delivery guy was out of breath! Awesome! My compliments to the chef who whipped up the egg-drop soup."
-- Kevin O.

Hong Min
"I always go to this restaurant and the food is always delicious. Plus, it helps that it's open late. Great place to eat without putting a dent in your wallet."
-- Yay H.

"My wife and I went to Hong Min for dinner. We didn't go here for the atmosphere or ambience. The food, however, was very good. The hot and sour soup was great, and a great deal. We also had egg rolls which were a bit greasy, but still good. My wife had Mongolian beef which was excellent. I had kung pao chicken which was pretty good but not real spicy. We will definitely be going back. The prices were reasonable as well."
-- Anil T.

BBQ King House

"I've been there twice with several friends. We all agreed that the food is incredibly fresh. The won ton soup has won tons filled with plump, fresh shrimp and bamboo shoots (no pork filler). And the soup also includes fresh baby bok choy--a nice touch. The shrimp and scallops entree was better tasting than the all-scallops dish, although the latter still wasn't bad. Service was not great (had to ask for water) but tolerable."
-- Rob T.

Shui Wah Chinese Cuisine
"The food at Shui Wah is delicious! You can tell that the dim sum is freshly made because it comes out of the kitchen piping hot. I love the shrimp dumplings there and they're the best I have ever eaten. I have many experiences of eating shrimp dumplings and I tell ya it's the best. Go there and try some!"
-- Jay B.

Happy Chef Dim Sum House
"An excellent restaurant for dim sum. The steamed rice rolls with shrimp are top-notch while the deep-fried stuffed rice pouches are the absolute best in the city--sweet with just the right amount of grease. The service is awful and the atmosphere is bleak but with such great food, one can ignore such things. Also, dinner is fantastic. Try ordering the casserole of eggplant and pan-fried fish or the chicken, green onion and tofu casserole. Both are from the special pink menu and they are fantastic. Also, try the stir - fried crab dish. It's crispy and the crab pieces are coated with an excellent sauce of garlic and black bean."
-- Jessica T.

"Wow! Yen's is definitely worthy to be put onto the list of Chicago's best restaurants! I've been in Chicago for two years now and this is definitely one great Chinese restaurant. I will never leave. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, the service is extremely welcoming, the prices aren't high and, most of all, the food is to die for! Everyone must come here -- it will definitely be worth your time. Yen's will always be mine."
-- Catrina S.

"I like the seafood dishes here. I always order the happy and healthy stir-fry shrimp delight. It's good."
-- J.P.

Mark's Chop Suey on Halsted
"Great vegetable fried rice. Decent appetizers and always very quick with the order. I live nearby, call the order in and immediately grab my coat to go pick it up. It's always waiting for me when I get there."
-- Sam R.

-- Compiled by Christine Badowski

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