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If you don't already know who Edie Sedgwick was, the clumsy biopic "Factory Girl" suggests that's not such a great loss.

Tabloid regular and on-again-off-again Jude Law paramour Sienna Miller stars as Sedgwick, a spoiled rich girl who stumbled into Andy Warhol's pop art scene in the '60s and wound up dead before the age of 30.

The movie focuses on Edie's damaging friendship with the narcissistic Warhol (Guy Pearce, who doesn't belong here), damaging relationship with a Bob Dylan–ish folk singer (Hayden Christensen, delivering a performance possibly worse than his "Star Wars" turns) and damaging childhood.

"Factory Girl" makes it clear that Sedgwick, who relied on drugs to fill her various emotional voids, was doomed from the start, but fails to provide any reason for the audience to care. The shrill and shallow portraits of Sedgwick and the Warhol scene don't work either as history lesson or trashy escapism.

And it doesn't help that all of the actors—including supporting players Jimmy Fallon, Mena Suvari and Illeana Douglas—are acting with a capital A, most of them adapting ridiculous accents or affected speech patterns in an attempt to mimic their real-life counterparts. Without any depth in the writing, their theatrical but hollow efforts become downright grating over the mercifully brief 90-minute running time.

"Factory Girl" is the kind of movie designed to attract awards attention destined never to arrive. It pales next to better Warhol-related films such as "I Shot Andy Warhol" and "Basquiat," and also glossy cable biopics like "Gia," which helped launch Angelina Jolie. So don't expect a Jolie-esque ascension just yet for the promising Miller, and her graphic sex scene with Christensen will only perpetuate her popularity with gossip bloggers.

And to think, Katie Holmes was attached to play Sedgwick just as TomKat was blowing up in the press. She wisely bowed out. Apparently "Factory Girl" was every bit as ill fated as Sedgwick.

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MoviesEntertainmentAndy WarholDeathJimmy FallonStar Wars (movie)Angelina Jolie
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