Hostel Part II

"Hostel Part II" is gratuitous in every way possible, which—despite director Eli Roth's obvious skills—makes it hard to recommend to anyone other than those who find this sort of ridiculous repulsiveness to be second nature.

Roth kicks things off with a particularly gross murder scene that quickly wraps up loose ends from the first "Hostel." After that nasty bit of action the film introduces a trio of girls on a study abroad program in Rome: party chick Bijou Phillips, geeky Heather Matarazzo and Jessica Biel look-alike Lauren German. Faster than you can say "chance encounter with a hot, naked model followed by a creepy Prague-bound train ride," it's time to bring on the bloodbath—in one case, literally.

There's no denying that Roth—the director of "Cabin Fever," mastermind of the inevitable "Hostel" franchise and a close friend of Quentin Tarantino—is a talented guy. He makes gore and dismemberment both disturbing and sickly fun in a way that copycat directors (like the guy behind "Turistas") can't.

But even though Roth deserves credit for raising the bar with decapitation, mutilation and castration likely to repulse even the most hardened horror fans, it's ultimately a disservice to the audience.

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