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The Postmarks, "The Postmarks" (Unfiltered/World's Fair)
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Who: A dreamy, classic pop band from the unlikely home base of Miami, Fla. Led by easy-on-the-eyes lead chanteuse Tim Yehezely (yes, Tim is a girl), the Postmarks' melancholy melodies are perfect for either summertime bliss or blues.

What: Idyllic pop compositions reminiscent of early Ivy recordings (thanks no doubt to past Ivy producer Andy Chase manning the boards) thick with atmosphere and cute as a button. Yehezkely's sultry whisper is both enchanting and engaging.

Made for: Making out with your latest summer fling. Lonely Sunday afternoons lamenting the college sweetheart that got away. Anyone who can't get enough of pretty girls singing over lovely tunes schooled on St. Etienne, Ivy and David Lynch soundtracks from the 1990s.

A Band of Bees, "Octopus" (Astralwerks)
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Who: The criminally underappreciated multi-hued U.K. band originally known simply as The Bees in their homeland (an American "The Bees" got to the name first) return with their third full-length after two critically-acclaimed releases and a slew of commercial deals in Europe, landing their tunes in adverts for cars and supermarkets.

What: Even more of their patented sonic polyglot, mining everything from reggae, 1960s pop and earthy jam-band vibes to create their singular sound. They can play like the Grateful Dead one moment ("Love in the Harbour") and a traditional pre-ska rocksteady crew the next ("Got to Let Go"). Another outstanding addition to the Band of Bees catalog.

Made for: Long-distance road trips to expansive music festivals. Fans of quality, organic bands that constantly lament the crap they hear on the radio. Seducing stoned hippie chicks in the parking lot at Bonnaroo.

Dimitri From Paris, "Cocktail Disco" (BBE)
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Who: DJ Dimitri from Paris is among the world's top dance-floor jocks, digging deep in his bottomless crates to unearth a seemingly endless supply of disco, proto-house and rare grooves for body-moving mixes.

What: On this double-CD set, Dimitri digs even deeper to showcase an impressive array of obscure and unheard 12-inch nuggets from the late 1970s. Expect lots of full-blown productions heavy on strings and porno guitar licks, somewhere between Barry White and Larry Levan.

Made for: House heads who love to dance but can't tolerate the genre's often pervasive cookie-cutter sameness. Fellow DJs looking for some divine inspiration from one of the greats. The best dance clubs in the world. Your next pool party.

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