2006 TV in review

Again With the Perspective."In the West Bank, a group calling itself the Lions of Monotheism firebombed four churches, telling the Associated Press, 'The attacks…were carried out to protest the Pope's remarks linking Islam and violence.' The irony—and this is often the case, we find—was completely lost on them."
- Jon Stewart, "The Daily Show"

"24" Kills. The producers of "24" continuously assert that no one, not even heroic lead Jack Bauer, is safe on the show—last season they proved it early and often. Beloved former president David Palmer was murdered in the first hour of last January's season five opener, while Jack's best pal Tony, Tony's wife Michelle, and newbie CTU-er Lynn McGill also bit the dust before the season wrapped. And then there was Edgar. Oh, Edgar. As if suffering through his mom's suicide and his unrequited love for Chloe weren't enough, Edgar was cruelly taken out by the Sentox nerve gas the baddies set off inside CTU, as Chloe and the other CTU-ers were forced to watch him die.

"O.C."-Ya, Marissa. One TV character death that didn't seem to elicit many viewer tears? "The O.C." bad girl Marissa Cooper, who was run down by her drunk ex-fling Volchok. The character (not to mention the tabloid-fave actress who played her, Mischa Barton) had become tiresome, and was a large part of why the once-hot show began to rapidly lose its buzz. Post-Marissa, "O.C." fans agree that the gang is worth watching again, though the ratings have yet to agree.

All the Rage."The big controversy is the 9/11 miniseries, because people are upset that it's not accurate, because, as you know, nothing is typically more accurate than the made-for-television movie. So why shouldn't 9/11 get the same respect that the Amy Fisher story gets?"
- Jon Stewart, "The Daily Show"

The Big TV Show in the Sky. A moment of silence for the other shocking deaths on the tube in 2006. Sweet heart patient Denny Duquette on "Grey's Anatomy" and mysterious papa John Winchester on "Supernatural," both played by actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who also plays (via flashbacks) the dead hubby on "Weeds";"Lost" losses Ana Lucia, Libby and Mr. Eko; "Smallville" super dad, Jonathan Kent; "Alias" spy daddy Jack Bristow; Veronica, Tweener and Abruzzi on "Prison Break"; Lem from "The Shield"; "One Tree Hill" uncle Keith Scott; and beloved "West Wing"-er Leo McGarry (after his portrayer, Emmy-winner John Spencer, died in real life).

R.I.P. Ed Bradley. Other stars who died in 2006: "Roseanne" grandma, Shelley Winters; Franklin Cover from "The Jeffersons"'; sportscaster Curt Gowdy; "The Andy Griffith Show" alum Don Knotts; "Gunsmoke" star Dennis Weaver; "A Christmas Story" star Darren McGavin; "Press Your Luck" host Peter Tomarken; "Hee Haw" funnyman Buck Owens; "Wall $treet Week" host Louis Rukeyser; "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin; primetime soap king Aaron Spelling; "As the World Turns" Daytime Emmy-winner Benjamin Hendrickson; movie star and Depends spokeswoman June Allyson; comedian and frequent TV guest star Red Buttons; "Crazy Like a Fox" star Jack Warden; and "60 Minutes" Emmy-winner Ed Bradley. "LOST" AND THE

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