24 reasons '24’ rocks

7. We'll meet Jack's papa in the new season. Phillip Bauer will be played by "Babe" and "Six Feet Under" star James Cromwell.

8. There are some wild rumors floating around about Jack's other family ties, including the suggestion that he may have a brother and a nephew (or is it his son?!) who'll come out of the woodwork.

9. P.S.: His brother may be a character we've already met. And he may be a really, really bad guy.

10. There's a new U.S. President…

11. …And it's a Palmer! Nope, sorry, David Palmer is still dead, but his little bro Wayne (DB Woodside) has become the new prez.

12. Wayne's vice president: Noah Daniels, played by Powers Boothe.BACKNEXT

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